Bad Boy Mowers

Zero-turn Commercial and Residential Mowers

Made in the Heart of America

Bad Boy, Inc. began in 1998 with the sole purpose of producing the Bad Boy zero-turn commercial lawn mower. Bad Boy’s research team started working with one goal in mind to develop the strongest, most durable zero-turn mower available and to deliver excellent quality of cut, reliability, productivity, and comfort.

Their mower series includes:

  • Diesel series

  • Compact diesel series

  • Outlaw, Outlaw XP, and Outlaw Extreme series

bad boy outlaw_xp_wall_1 outlaw_xp_1

  • Commercial and Standard ZT series

bb ztelite1 bb ztelite2

  • MZ series

bb mt1 bb mt2

Every Bad Boy mower has a 5-Point Advantage:

  1. More Strength—Solid Steel

  2. More Access—Swing Away™

  3. More Power—Bigger Engines

  4. More Durable—Tough Guts

  5. More Comfort—EZ-Ride System

Accessories include mulching kits, bagging systems, rollover protection system, sweepers, and more.

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