About Us

Ermal Smith, owner of Smithco Equipment, LLC

Smithco Equipment began in the basement of Ermal Smith‘s home on Beecher Road in Pataskala, Ohio, in April of 1994. Ermal sold zero-turn mowers a couple at a time by parking them in his backyard facing Broad Street. They were stored in his home garage.

Over the next five years, Ermal began going out on the road to make sales, dealing mainly with schools, parks, golf courses, apartment complexes, and other businesses and organizations. It soon became apparent that although the home-based business was thriving, Ermal needed more space to store equipment.

In May of 1999, Ermal moved the operation to St. Rt. 310. Housed in the former Share Tractor Sales barn, Smithco expanded its line. In July of that year, Ermal and Mike Haskins made a trip to Louisville, Kentucky, to pick up their first load of landscape trailers.

Smithco rented the white Share barn until December 2004 when, with the purchase of four acres complete with several buildings, Smithco moved to its current location—7271 National Road in Etna, Ohio.

IMG_0827The new location at the corner of National Road (St. Rt. 40) and York Road has proved to be fantastic for Smithco. Later in 2004, construction began on an additional building on the rear portion of the land. With the help of contractors Mike Rorux, Dean Staffin, Ron Toyer, Jesse Dawson, Ron Sager, and Musano Brothers Concrete, the land was cleared, and a lovely new showroom and storage facility were erected.

The most recent improvements to the facility include a blacktopped driveway and lot, finished in summer 2006 by Sager Blacktop Company of Texas.

Smithco Equipment LLC is a proud member of the Better Business Bureau.







7271 National Road (Rt. 40 & York Rd.) • Pataskala, OH 43062 • Phone (740) 927-8874 • Fax (740) 927-0121